Photo by Stacey Salter Moore

Photo by Stacey Salter Moore

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Echoes on the Brain 4 % A dark ale, brewed with roated malts.

 Notes of chocolate covered fruit, earthy forest floor, pepper, and toffee.

10oz.     3.5       16oz.    5.5     20oz.    6


Your Analog Brain 3.5% A baby bitter brewed with Marris Otter, Brambling Cross, and East Kent Goldings. 

Delicate notes of toast with honey, Asian pears, flowers, and herbs. 

10oz    3.5      16oz.     5        20oz.    5.5


New Folk 4.75% A little saison, fermented and conditioned in oak. Then dry hopped with Simcoe, Citra, and Mosaic.

Maybe it smells like a freaky IPA. Maybe it smells like a transdimensional saison. It has notes of peaches, grapes, tropical pencil erasers, and kiwi.

10oz.     3.5       16oz.    5.5      20oz.    6


Dreamjavu 7.2% An IPA brewed with gluttonous amount of Cashmere, Simcoe, and Polaris. 

Notes of sugary cantaloupe, strawberries, highschool kind bud, and subtle hints of beer.

10oz.    4       16oz.     6.5       20oz.     6.5


Moon Solo 4.25% An IPA hopped with a blend of Polaris, Styrian Wolf, Chinook, and Huell Melon.

Notes of cantaloupe skin, white pepper, Indica Bliss, and fuzzy stone fruits.

10oz.     3.5     16oz.     6      20oz.     6.5


Oveipov 5.5 % A bright saison hopped with two new varietals, Styrian Wolf and General. 

Notes of peach gum, sun-bleached shells on the beach, lemon pepper, and herbs.

10oz.    3.5     16oz.    5.5     20oz.    6


Solaire 4.5% A straw colored, brightly hoppy saison, brewed with lots of Hersbrucker.

10oz.   3.5   16oz.    5.5     20oz.      6