Photo by Stacey Salter Moore

Photo by Stacey Salter Moore

Beer Menu


Growler fills available for all beers unless served on hand pump or otherwise noted.


Future Truths—3% A double-oated baby Grisette hopped generously with Saphir and Hersbrucker, and naturally carbonated. Notes of dried Strawflowers, pineapple, flowering plantains, pepper, and anise hyssop.

10oz       3.5           16oz       5.5           20oz       6


 Dymaxion Car—5.4% This saison was brewed with malted wheat, rye, and buckwheat from those super smart dudes at Deer Creek Malt House, and hopped with our good friend Hersbrucker. Notes of Czech winters, a Basque winery in this current season, and mountain herbs.


10oz       4               16oz       7               20oz       7.5


Snake Eat Tail– 9% A real big doink ale. We blended a strong super saison with a saison fermented in barrels and aged on Carmenere grape skins. Pours an almost rose-like color, with notes of strawberry candies, making jam, honey, red wine, dried herbs and intoxication


10oz       6               16oz       7.5


All Former Selves—4.5%  A baby IPA heavily dry hopped with Cascade and Mandarina Bavaria. Notes of guava, orange blossom honey, kumquats, Nilla Wafers, and pine needles.


10oz       4               16oz       6.5           20oz       7


Tomorrow is Always Here – 5.75% Indian Pale Ale brewed with Cashmere and Centinnial.  Notes of eating orange ice cream while waiting for soft pretzels to come out of the baker. Also, notes of chewing on bubblegum that turns frombubblegum flavor to shiso leaf flavor and back to bubblegum flavor.

Notes of waking up to a vague notion that the world is really a diarama…and then forgetting it.


10oz       4               16oz       6.5           20oz      7


Moon Show– 4.5% A roasty little stout, respectfully hopped with Styrian General and East Kent Goldings. Notes of Mexican chocolate brownie batter, dry oak leaves, and dried berries. Served on hand pump.


10oz       3.5           16oz       5.5           20oz      6


Senator La Follette– 5.6% A pale bitter delicately hopped with Simcoe and Goldings. Notes of peeling red apple skins while sitting shoeless in an alfalfa field, and your grandmother’s cutting board after kneading biscuit dough.


10oz       3.5           16oz       5.5           20oz      6


Uncle Liar– 5.25% Bright ESB made with Maris Otter malts and hopped with Hersbrucker and East Kent Goldings. Notes of sipping Bergamot tea next to buckwheat crepes on the top of Arthur’s seat post-Hogmanay.


10oz       3.5           16oz       5.5           20oz      6


Bottled Beer

Lunaire – 6% An orange hued saison aged in wine barrels. Delightfully funky and tart, showcasing our microbial terroir. Available for take away and in-house consumption.

750ml    22

Solaire Reserve – 5% Bright and crisp saison. Fermented with this year’s foraged yeast culture.

Available for take away and in-house consumption.

750ml    18