Photo by Stacey Salter Moore

Photo by Stacey Salter Moore

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Draft List

Bikini Blindness- 5.75% An IPA hopped with Cashmere, Polaris, and Simcoe. 

Intense aromas jump out of the glass with notes of ripe melons, strawberries, marihuana lemonade and pre cooked pastry dough.

10oz. 4                 16oz. 6.5                20oz. 7


Solaire- 4.5% A straw colored, brightly hoppy saison, brewed with lots of hersbrucker.

10oz. 3.5                      16oz.5.5            20oz. 6


Thoughts Like Brambles-3.7% A little baby IPA brewed with lots of Centennial, Simcoe, Huell Melon, and Chinook. Notes of apricots, clementines , pineapple, and freaky honeydew. Goes down like sweet butter served on the hand pump.

10oz3.5          16oz 5.5           20oz.    6


Memories of a Man-4% A dark mild ale, brewed with black and chocolate malt. Hopped gently with Sazz, Bramling Cross, and Cascade. Notes of bittersweet chocolate, tart raspberries, and toffee. Served on hand pump.

 10 oz.  3.5       16 oz.   6          20oz.    6.5


Sramana-6.5% An IPA fermented in oak with our foraged yeast culture. 

Notes of that fruit striped gum with freaky Zebra, peaches, kiwi berries, clementines and mangoes.

10oz. 4             16oz. 6.5                      20oz. 7


Omphalos-8.5% An aged barley wine. Lush fruit notes of fig, plum, sherry and dark bread.

Served on hand pump.

10oz.   6


Before I had a Name-6% A hoppy ale brewed with lots of Cashmere, Cascade, Grungeist and Simcoe. 

Notes of bankteller lollipops, fresh mangoes, papaya, and pears.

10oz.   4          16oz. 6.5                      20oz. 7 


Oveipov-5.5% A bright saison hopped with two new varietals, Styrian Wolf and General. 

Notes of peach gum, sun- bleached shells on the beach, lemon pepper, and herbs.

10oz. 3.5             160z.   6             20oz.  6.5