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Solhund and Oldermost

a non-narrative film,
featuring an original score
performed live.

a collaborative piece by Serena Niesley, Chrystine Rayburn, Michael Wambolt, and Patrick Glennon

* * *

A CabinFever Presents production:

A solhund, or sundog, is a spot of light in the sky caused by the refraction of sunlight by crystals of ice suspended in the air. This project is the aural and visual exploration of contrasts between exterior and interior, the reality of winter and the memory of summer.

Inspired by Niesley's visual meditation, the original soundtrack composed and performed live by Rayburn, Wambolt, and Glennon weaves between electronic and acoustic reflections, embodying the contradictory yet co-existing sensations the human body experiences during wintertime.

OLDERMOST is “not constrained by such simplicity of genre labels. They melt together southern-rock, pop, folk and soul into something dusty, jarring, tangled and sweet” (Pop Dust). There is an ever-present quality of rock and roll inclinations in Oldermost’s music and they are able to hint at nostalgic without stumbling into kitsch.

Even the name, an outdated modifier plucked from a ghost-town dialect of the American “Wild West,” is delightfully and intentionally ambiguous enough to be claimed as the handle for a band that tends to wiggle out of your hands if held too restrictively to one specific genre or influence. While listening, you may feel at home yet you quickly realize that is somewhere you have not been before. The landscape is familiar, but fresh—a warm place that draws you in, a beautiful and melancholic flame that attracts.
But it is also proudly a product of its environment: Oldermost is the “latest in the suddenly long line of hazy, phased-out Philadelphia folk groups” (FLOOD).
Last year they teased a forthcoming record (their fourth release) with the release of two songs, “Honey With Tea” and “Finally Unsure.” “Honey With Tea” is “a satisfying, Wilco-esque delivery against a cinematic backdrop,” writes WXPN’s “The Key.”

"['Finally Unsure'] opens like a sunrise, steadily illuminating more and more of itself with each instrumental addition until what we have is nothing short of a spectacular, bright song,” writes WXPN’s “The Key.

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