Photo by Stacey Salter Moore

Photo by Stacey Salter Moore

Photo by Stacey Salter Moore

Photo by Stacey Salter Moore

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Tape Neck-5.5% An IPA brewed with lots of Citra, Mosaic, Simmcoe, and Cashmere hops.

Intense notes of tropical citrus, creamsicle fweakiness, psychedelic lemonade, pastry dough and Natheniel Hawthrone.

10oz.   4      -    16oz.   6.5    -     20oz.   7


Husky Friend-6%    A saison brewed with Bramling aged hops, fresh Cross and Sazz.

 Notes of plantains, pepper, Forest Floor, and citrus past their prime. Naturally carbonated through re-fermentation.

10oz.  3.5  -          16oz.    6     -         20oz     6.5


Wandering Rocks-7 %   A "Farmhouse dubbel" , a strong dark ale brewed with our forged yeast culture and lots of dark candy sugar.

Notes of plums and prunes, burnt sugar, Fried Bananas, anise and pepper.

10oz   4   -     16oz     6.5    -   20oz    7



Finisterre - 5.5% An IPA heavily dry hopped with Cascade, Simcoe, Huell Melon, and Hallertau Blanc.

Notes of peaches, strawberries, apricots, melons, and the guilty pleasure of white bread and butter.

10oz. 4    -       16oz.  6.5       -      20oz.    7


Memories of a Man- 4% A dark mild ale, brewed with black and chocolate malt.

Hopped gently with Sazz, Bramling Cross, and Cascade. Notes of bittersweet chocolate. tart raspberries and toffee.

Served on hand pump.

10oz.  3.5   -    16oz.  6   -      20oz.  6



Feather stud-5.25% An IPA Heavilly hopped with Cashmere, Simcoe and Mandarina Bavaria. 

Strange notes of lemon meringue pie, weed lozenges and papayas.

10oz.   3.5 -     16oz.      6  -      20oz.   6.5


Thoughts Like Brambles - 3.7%  A little baby IPA brewed with lots of centennial, Simcoe, Huell Melon, and Chinook.

Notes of apricots, clementines, pineapple, and Freaky honeydew. Goes down like sweet butter served on the handpump.

10oz.  3.5    -   16oz  5.5   -   20oz   6 


Snuggle Hitch - 4.5% A dark mild brewed with Maris Otter, East Kent Goldings, and Saaz. 

Notes of Darjeeling tea, caramel, marmalade, and dried herbs. 

Served on hand pump.

10oz.  3.50     -     16oz.  5.5     -     20oz.  6



Bottles Currently Available

Round Heads and Pointed Heads - 7.5% A strong, dark saison fermented in oak.  750 ml.  $22

Forsog - 5% A barrel aged, dry hopped saison. Brewed in collaboration with Amager Bryghus.  750 ml.  $22


From the Cellar

From the Cellar is our line of terroir-driven beers highlighting the unique micro-flora present in our barrel cellar. While our draft offerings are best served fresh at the source, these bottled beers will continue to evolve over time, aging gracefully over months or even years.

Photo by Stacey Salter Moore

Photo by Stacey Salter Moore


Bottles Currently Available


Upcoming Releases

        Our collaboration with Cloudwater Brewing from England.

        Our collaboration with Cloudwater Brewing from England.


Here we will occasionally be pulling bottles from our cellar and sharing some tasting notes with you. Maybe you have been waiting to try a bottle of ours and are curious how it's tasting. Maybe you can open one at home and compare it to our notes. 


                       , Batch 2. Bottled April 26th, 2016.

This beer is a fresh saison we dry hopped with Mosaic and Hallertau Blanc.

Tasting Notes: (9/23/16) The beer opens with strong spicy brettanomyces aromas with notes of tropical fruit, pineapple, citrus rind, and white grapes. There is an ethereal mouthfeel, fluffy carbonation and a quick dry finish with a delicate lemon acidity. This beer is very drinkable, the mouthfeel is perfect right now. The brett is a little more pronounced than we would prefer, but it continues to evolve and become more fruit forward with each bottle.

Image by Stacey Salter Moore

Image by Stacey Salter Moore

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